ioMoVo Announces the Next Generation of Digital Asset Management

What is ioMoVo?

ioMoVo Platform Summary & Features




  • Video/media indexing
  • AI-based insights
  • Auto-generated metadata
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Caption-burning
  • External publishing

Why Do You Need ioMoVo?

  • Comprehensive Solution: We created ioMoVo to be a true evolution in digital asset management. It is a single web-based solution that can be integrated with all of your cloud storage and provide you with flexibility like never before. You can bring in content, store it, manipulate it, share it, and publish it all in one place. Furthermore, ioMoVo lets you choose where to store your data — either natively or in one of your connected cloud accounts.
  • Intuitive, Mobile, and Reliable: ioMoVo is entirely web-based, so there is no need to download any applications to your desktop. The platform fully adapts to mobile users without the need to download a specific marketplace app. ioMoVo is always available and can be used by simply connecting to the internet. Our custom interface was designed to be as comfortable and intuitive as possible, innovating where we can while maintaining familiarity where we should. Data that resides natively in ioMoVo is always as secure as possible, exceeding industry standards.
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity: ioMoVo gives users complete control over their data and allows them to access their content on any connected device without the need for a manual transfer. In general, cloud storage provides a faster and more convenient alternative to flash drives and other obsolete storage technologies. However, ioMoVo takes things further with global search and indexing features. Global search allows you to search ALL your connected content wherever it is saved, not just what lives on ioMoVo. Indexing your content will use artificial intelligence to generate metadata, including labels and tags automatically. This metadata becomes fully searchable, enabling users to get very specific with their searches.

From our Founder

About I/O Software, Inc.




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